What are the Chronicles of the First Prophecy about?

Before answering this question, I would like to thank all my beta readers and people who believed in me and my novels 🙂 Thank you. You helped more than you think

After the war and the fall of magic, the world has become a dangerous place, even more so than before. Magic has been taken from humans, bloodthirsty monsters lurk about, famine wreaks havoc on the survivors, and many lands are uninhabitable and unfit for cultivation. Man's enemies are both the other species that inhabit the land and the vegetation itself.

People took refuge behind the stone border, slowly forgetting about the war and the dangers lurking beyond it. A relative peace seemed to have been achieved, but here comes a time of change, and the mighty of this world are reminded of the first prophecy, now almost forgotten. "When the winds of change break on the four sides of the world, the time of judgment will come, the time of the final test that will decide the fate of mankind.

The world is changing, forcing action and bringing together the fates of people who otherwise would never have met. In the south, Admiral Reyes sets out with an expedition to investigate a previously unknown weather phenomenon that could affect the fate of an entire continent. In the north, a trio of investigators with extraordinary skills investigate to determine why members of a certain race have suddenly begun to disappear. In the west, General Barson and a company of soldiers head into the deadly wilderness to investigate the source of the strange behavior of the surrounding wildlife.

And in the midst of all this, a seemingly ordinary lecturer from a magic academy, whose only distinguishing feature from the crowd is his absolute memory. Deathly bored with life without any prospects, he breathes a sigh of relief when things start to change, but not even his vivid imagination could have prepared him for what is to come. By no means suitable for a typical hero, an ordinary man in the midst of extraordinary events that he doesn't necessarily want to take part in, but as it happens in life, sometimes you have no choice.

To sum up: some sudden events force local authorities (and others) to take action when they can no longer sit idle. They are attended by characters with a significant position on the continent, those without much (apparently) significance, as well as those who are only a legend for most of the world. Why this all is happening, what will come out of it and how it will all turn out, each reader will discover himself :)

You can buy my book on this page -> Chronicles Of The First ProphecyBut unfortunately at the moment its unavailable in english.

Free excerpt can be downloaded here. But temporarly its also unavailable in english. If you want to check out my writing style I encourage you to download excerpt from my second novel - The Marked which is available in english.

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